• Aims and objectives of Library:
  • To help the children to become independent in finding and selecting information relevant to a given job or to their interest and hobbies.
  • To help the children acquire reading habit and self study.
  • To supply teachers with material needed in teaching work and for their own professional growth.
  • To provide materials to supplement the work done in their subject taught in the classroom.
  • To develop in pupils the ability to to learn from books without a teacher.
  • To contribute to the fulfillment of the educational aim of the school.

  • Library services:
  • There are 22 library periods in a week from class VI to XII for mobilizing various activities of the library.
  • Library is kept open beyond working hours as per the need of students and teachers.
  • Career counseling is an important service of our library.
  • In Morning Prayer news, quiz, & talk activities co-ordinate by the librarian.
  • Library Organizes book talk, story telling, book debate, quiz competition, GK written test, book review etc.
  • Library observes book week, seminars, birth century, important days with the help of the CCA dept.
  • To inculcate the reading habit among the students, everyday one class is given 45 minutes during the afternoon session, which can be utilized for reading and using reference books.
  • Books are issued in all three languages to the students for one week.

Library facilities  
(i) Size of the Library in Sq. feet 22 X 35 SQ.FT.
(ii) No. of Dailies 13 (9 TELUGU + 4 ENGLISH)
(iii) No. of Reference books To be updating the registers
(iv) No. of Magazines 30(Subcription+free of cost)